lundi 12 septembre 2011

Libya Caught Jamming Sat-Phones

If you’re traveling in a place like Iraq, the easiest way to get in touch with the outside world is with a Thuraya satellite phone. But for six months last year, Thuraya’s signals were jammed by a mysterious adversary. But now, Space News reports, investigators have discovered the source of the jamming: the Libya government, a shareholder in the phone company.

Industry officials said that because of Thuraya’s operations in the Middle East, and because Thuraya’s owners include government-owned telecommunications operations from most Arab and Muslim governments in the region, the jamming was immediately assumed to be of U.S. or Israeli origin.

But as the weeks passed and the jamming did not cease or change characteristics, Thuraya was forced to maneuver its large satellite, located at 44 degrees east in geostationary orbit, to try to isolate the location.


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